12 Benefits of CBD and Products You Have To Try

12 Benefits of CBD

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12 Benefits of CBD and Products You Have To Try

It may seem these days that there is a prescription for everything. But despite the endless list of pharmaceuticals on the market, and without discrediting their place in wellness, the number of people looking for holistic, alternative, and natural wellness solutions is undoubtedly on the rise.

Plants truly were our first medicine. For thousands of years, before the pharmaceutical industry existed, societies looked to plants for natural remedies to every ailment they faced. Evidence continues to build as we become increasingly interested in the power of plants to heal. One of the plant celebrities of recent years is certainly CBD. CBD and other cannabinoids extracted from the hemp plant have taken the wellness space by storm since the passing of the 2018 Farm Bill that legalized hemp.

Is hemp really worth all the hype? Our team of scientists certainly believes the answer is yes. Though further research is needed, studies are popping up around the globe, revealing the extensive applications of CBD and its sister cannabinoids in everything from eating disorders to epilepsy.

For those of us looking for an overall improvement in wellness, CBD is a promising prospect.

CBD can provide benefits when applied topically and ingested which is why you see CBD products in a variety of forms from tinctures to gummies, creams, and gels.

CBD has shown to have a wide range of therapeutic benefits including antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties that may assist in easing a number of symptoms experienced in day-to-day life.

Here are our Top 12 Benefits of CBD:

  1. Relieves chronic pain
  2. Decreases inflammation
  3. Relieves stress
  4. Reduces fatigue
  5. Relieves anxiety
  6. Relieves depression
  7. Eases headaches and migraines
  8. Supports immune function
  9. Relieves PMS symptoms
  10. Eases dysmenorrhea
  11. Relieves insomnia
  12. Supports hormone balance

You can experience these benefits in our:

As well as all of our Holief products.

Choosing how you consume CBD, whether as a tincture, gummy or topical cream is at the end of the day a matter of personal preference. For information on how to choose the right supplement for you read our guide.

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