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Tote Bag Essentials

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4 Tote Bag Essentials

Your tote bag should contain more than just a change of clothes. Living an active lifestyle means also taking care of your body pre and post workout. At Holief we’ve created products to help you live and active lifestyle with relief from the pain that comes with all that muscle gain. Here are four essential products to keep in your tote bag and why.

Holi-Wonder Muscle and Skin Relief Cream

Your muscles work hard when you work out. Holi-Wonder is expertly formulated to nourish and protect skin while relieving muscle tension. When you sweat you release a lot of toxins through your skin. After showering your skin is open to receive. Protect you skin and provide the nourishment and hydration it needs with hemp extract, lavender, aloe vera, coconut and jojoba seed oil. Our plant-powered ingredients also help relieve muscle tension so you can feel relaxed and revived after your workout.

Holi-Freeze Muscle and Joint Relief Gel

Muscle and joint pain can happen with a good work out. Our Holi-Freeze Relief Gel is formulated with industry-leading levels of hemp (2800mg) and menthol for instant and long-lasting relief. Increase mobility and nourish skin simultaneously with our soothing gel intended for pre and post workout. Menthol, paired with peppermint and spearmint oil relaxes muscles with an aromatherapeutic plus. In addition, rosemary and eucalyptus oil deeply penetrate skin to provide the post-workout nourishment it needs.

Holi-Balance Oral Drops

The perfect addition to your pre or post workout smoothie, Holi-Balance Drops are formulated with a powerful blend of hemp extract, mixed berries and evening primrose oil to improve energy by releasing stress, as well as promote proper hormone balance. High in antioxidants, Holi-Balance Drops promote heightened cognitive and motor function, help manage stress and contribute to an overall sense of well-being. Take orally or add a drop to your smoothie to experience the power of plants.

Ease Gummies Mango

Effortless and made for every day support, Holief Ease Gummies Mango are the delicious, take with you anywhere solution to feeling good when you workout. Our Ease gummies were specially formulated to relieve joint and muscle discomfort using the power of ashwagandha, evening primrose oil, vitamin E and hemp extract. This powerful blend can help fight fatigue as well as reduce stress and ease discomfort.

Whether you prefer topicals, tinctures or tasty gummies, Holief has the solution for you to have the best experience with your workout. Leading an active lifestyle with relief has never been easier.

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