4 Types of Yoga and How to Find the Right One For You

Yoga is an incredible way to feel aligned body and mind.
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4 Types of Yoga and How to Find the Right One For You

Yoga is an incredible way to feel aligned body and mind. But yoga itself has many types and it can become a little overwhelming to know where to start. In this blog we will breakdown four types of yoga we love so you can see which is best for you!


Arguably one of the most popular styles of yoga, Vinyasa means flow and like it’s name is focused on a sequence of poses that flow fluidly from one to the next. Like most forms of yoga, Vinyasa incorporates the breath and is a great way to use movement to arrive at a meditative state during your resting pose of Shavasana.

Vinyasa is an active and dynamic class that moves through a variety of poses and can provide a great strengthening and balance activating workout. It is great for reducing stress and anxiety and promoting mind body connection.


Kundalini is a practice more spiritual in nature. It incorporates “kriyas” sequences of breath and body and hand movements to connect to and strengthen the nervous system. Kundalini is deeply focused on enhancing the flow of energy through the body.

If you’re looking to yoga to build your spiritual connection and intuition, opposed to a work out, Kundalini might be the perfect match for you.


Yin is a slow, restorative form of yoga. Yin increases flexibility and mobility, and is a wonderful way to release stress and tension in the body. If you’re not in the mood for a heavy workout, but want to move your body and connect with your breath, Yin is the perfect yoga for you. Yin often uses props like blocks and bolsters to allow for ease in every position. If you struggle with sleep, practicing Yin yoga can significantly support your nervous system and aid in deeper sleep.


If you want a full body workout to increase stamina, build strength while also increasing flexibility, Power yoga may be for you. Power yoga is a broad definition of yoga, often incorporating Vinyasa flow, inversions and even weights and other props. Power yoga is guaranteed to make you sweat while also connecting you to your breath. 

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