4 Ways to Participate in World Vegan Month

Ways to Participate in World Vegan Month

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4 Ways to Participate in World Vegan Month + Why going vegan makes a difference

If you ever wondered if going vegan makes a difference, the answer is YES. In honor of November being World Vegan Month we will be deep diving into everything you need to know about choosing a more plant-based lifestyle for yourself and for the planet.

Going vegan, or even experimenting with a more plant-based lifestyle may be the single greatest way you can support the planet and your own health.

Did you know?

One person going vegan for a month saves…

  • the lives of 30 animals
  • 620 pounds of carbon dioxide emissions
  • 913 square feet of forest
  • 33,481 gallons of water


So, what exactly does it mean to go vegan anyways?

Vegan – a person who does not eat any food derived from animals and who typically does not use any type of animal products. Often this extends from dairy and eggs to even honey, not purchasing leather products, or anything that has been tested on animals.

If you like a challenge, November is the perfect time to try a plant-based diet or explore a vegan lifestyle. We also understand that choosing a fully vegan diet may not be for everyone, but there are so many ways to incorporate plant-based choices into your lifestyle and make a difference.

4 Ways to Participate in World Vegan Month

Choosing a vegan lifestyle is about so much more than just a diet. Many skincare, wellness supplements, even clothing, home decor, among other products are not vegan, tested on animals, or harmful to the environment.

Vegan products are not only kinder to animals and the environment, but ofter better for our bodies too. Vegan skincare and wellness products typically contain organic ingredients or natural scents and are less likely to irritate our skin or have any adverse effects.

Here are a few ways you can participate in World Vegan Month and support your own health, well-being, and that of the planet and all the animals that call Earth home.

Conscious Diet

Cut back on meat and dairy – a fully vegan diet may not be for everyone, but practicing conscious eating practices and choosing plant-based more frequently will still make a difference for your health and the environment. Buying local, high-quality meat and dairy will also help you avoid additives, hormones, and other harmful or unwanted components of processed foods.

Read the labels

Read the labels – many skincare products and wellness supplements are not vegan. Check the labels on your current products, and the next time you’re shopping, read the labels. Most products will say if they are vegan, and are often organic and natural as well.

Do the research

Do the research – skincare, wellness supplements, and other products that are not tested on animals will often say “cruelty-free” either on the label or on their website

Shop consciously

Shop consciously – whether shopping for clothes, home decor or other products, consider choosing those that are sustainably made and cruelty-free. Now more than ever there are incredible companies offering alternative products that protect animals and the earth

Consciously consuming and actively pursuing a plant-based or vegan lifestyle is truly one of the most powerful ways we as individuals can make a difference.

Here at Holief, we are committed to upholding the highest standards in offering high-quality, vegan, cruelty-free products. Better for you, and better for the planet too.

Thinking about going vegan now? Check back in throughout the month as we dive into all the tips and tricks to going vegan, and the benefits in women’s wellness, sleep, fitness, and more!

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