A guide to healing with functional mushrooms

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A guide to healing with functional mushrooms

The growing popularity of functional mushrooms has been exponential in the last few years. However, for centuries cultures have integrated functional mushrooms into their lives for medical purposes. These mushrooms possess a multitude of healing properties and the information on these wide-range of mushrooms can be quite overwhelming. From reducing stress and improving cognitive function, the benefits are extensive.

Mushrooms for depression

When it comes to depression and stabilizing one’s mood, many people have turned to herbal remedies, such as functional mushrooms. Chaga has been found to decrease inflammation in the body by preventing the production of cytokines. This can also help reduce stress in the body and help you find more balance in your mood.

Mushrooms for anxiety

Reishi is a potent mushroom traditionally used to calm the mind and help heal organs such as the lungs and liver. Reishi has a wealth of benefits such as possessing anti-inflammatory and immune supporting properties. Its connection with helping those who suffer from anxiety is the 5-HTP it contains. This neurotransmitter is a precursor to serotonin and can help ease anxiety while increasing levels of serotonin within the body. Another great benefit of this powerhouse mushroom is that it can aid in giving you a restful night’s sleep by calming the mind and fighting off insomnia.

Mushrooms for brain health

Lion’s Mane has been known for centuries as the mushroom for longevity. This mushroom is a warrior at supporting the central nervous system, concentration, and brain health overall. Lion’s mane has bioactive compounds known as eriancines support nerve growth. This leads to an increased neurogenesis, therefore supporting the growth of new neurons within the brain. Studies have shown that lion’s mane can help safeguard you against neurological diseases and help you feel more focused overall.

Holief Longevity Gummy

Looking for a way to boost longevity and brain health? Our longevity gummy is specially formulated with a combination of potent ingredients to support healthy aging and promote longevity. With a powerful blend of ingredients such as lion’s mane, quercetin, fisetin, TMG, and NMN, it supports healthy cellular function, DNA repair, energy production, cognitive function, and overall vitality.

Holief Vitality Gummy

Try our tasty Vitality Gummy if you are looking for a premium mixture of functional mushrooms. Turkey tail, chaga, magnesium, rhodiola, make the perfect blend for boosting energy levels, fighting off inflammation, safeguarding against viral infections, and stabilizing your mood!

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