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CBD for PMS relief

When it comes to having uncomfortable or even painful PMS symptoms you may be searching for holistic alternatives to alleviate this pain. CBD is gaining more and more popularity due to its growing list of health benefits. One of these new benefits being studied is PMS relief. 

The role CBD plays in helping PMS pain

CBD has been proven to have anti-inflammatory properties and pain-relieving. This means CBD can help relieve the tension and uncomfortableness you are feeling physically. 

If you experience headaches during your menstrual cycle, CBD can help fight off that pain along with other physical uncomfortableness such as lower back pain. Its healing properties also help alleviate the pain and inflammation that occurs when you experience cramps during your menstrual cycle.

CBD for regulating your mood

Further, CBD is a huge help when it comes to calming your mood so if you are having significant mood swings during/before, or after your period CBD can help regulate your emotions. Overall, it can support both your mental and physical well-being around your menstrual cycle.

Finding the right CBD product for you

1. Adding tincture to your drink

The Holi-Mood Oral Drops are perfect for uplifting your mood leading up to and during your period. The secret to this invigorating product is the perfect combination of herbs created to boost your mood and energy. The hemp and primrose ease the PMS symptoms while the peppermint calms the state of your mind.

2. Using a topical roll-on or cream for cramps

This new Holief product, Cramp Roll-On is packed with plant-based ingredients that in combination can help ease those not fun cramps you may be experiencing during or before your period. The concoction of hemp, primrose, menthol, and other natural ingredients creates a cooling effect and helps relaxes your contracting muscles. A best-selling cream that helps with the discomfort that comes along with period cramps is our Holi-Cramp Menstrual Relief Cream. With hemp as the main ingredient, this product offers anti-inflammatory and pain-relieving properties so you can kick those uncomfortable period cramps. 

3. Taking a yummy gummy

Our beloved PMS Gummies – Watermelon is not only delicious but oh so beneficial when it comes to your PMS symptoms. Packed with the super adaptogenic, Ashwagandha, a traditional Chinese herb, Dong Quai, and PMS regulator, Chasteberry. This powerhouse of ingredients works together to ease breast tenderness, cramping pain, and stress/anxiety symptoms. Kiss painful periods goodbye with this group of herbs!

When it comes to purchasing the correct CBD for your menstrual cycle you want to look out for ingredients. At Holief our products are plant-based, paraben free, and grown in the US. 

Finding the correct CBD for your menstrual cycle comes down to what you want to look out for in the ingredients. At Holief our products are plant-based, paraben free, and grown in the US. 

Discover our best-selling CBD-based PMS relief products here.

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