Drops, Caps or Gummies, which is right for you?

How to choose which type of supplement is best for you. If you regularly drink tea or smoothies (Drops), adding Holief to a daily vitamin routine (Caps), on-the-go (Gummies)
Drops, Caps or Gummies,

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Drops, Caps or Gummies, which is right for you?

At Holief, we want to make wellness as easy and effective as possible. Which is why we have our plant-power packed formulations in Drops, Caps and Gummies. So how do you choose which type of supplement is best for you? We have a few ideas.


If you are a lover of morning smoothies and evening tea, or desire fast acting effects from your supplements our Wellness Drops may be the perfect solution for you. Drops when taken sublingually are fast acting as they are absorbed directly into the bloodstream from beneath the tongue. If you regularly drink smoothies or juice throughout the day, or love your evening tea, you can effortlessly add drops to any beverage to experience the effects. Our unique blend of hemp extract and peppermint tastes great and helps to ease anxiety, stress and support muscle and joint health.


If you have a committed vitamin and supplement routine, our Wellness Caps make it easy to experience the effects of our plant-powered formulations. Simply add one to two Wellness Caps to your morning or evening vitamin routine. Our tapioca starch and vegetable glycerin gel capsules are vegan and easy to digest, so you can experience the full benefits of hemp extract.


Gummies are great for the person who is always on the go. If you’re quick to get out of the house in the morning, or spend your days running around between meetings and sessions at the gym, Holief Gummies are the perfect solution. Our travel size Wellness Gummy and Relax Gummy packs are perfect to throw in your purse our gym bag so you can experience the benefits of hemp, wherever your day takes you.

Mix and Match

Our products are easy to mix and match to fit your lifestyle. Keep drops in your tea or beverage cabinet to remember to add them the next time you make a drink. And in case you forget, or are out the door early, keep our travel size gummies in your bag for support on the go. At Holief we want to make incorporating hemp into your wellness routine as effortless as possible. Try our variety of products today, and experience the benefits of plant-power packed formulations.

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