How to relax your mind

How to relax your mind

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How to relax your mind

In a world that moves fast it can be challenging to find stillness and calm the instructive thoughts in our minds. Struggling to quiet the mind is a struggle many people face everyday. When we regularly practice quieting our minds we can find more clarity, get better night’s sleep, and stay more present in our everyday lives. Discover a few simple practices to help you find relaxation, clear your mind, and improve your overall state of being.  


Breathing is something we do unconsciously every single day. However, the results of  taking intentional breaths can be quite sensational. It has been said that breathing is the #1 to calm you down in moments of anxiety. Taking quick shallow breaths can be quite distressing, therefore trying out some breath work practices can help quite a bit.

 A breathwork practice that is easy and effective is the three-part breath. You take an inhale and hold it for a moment, then exhale and release. If you make your exhale a bit longer than your inhale this sends a message to your body to relax even more. You continue this until you feel the calming effects on your nervous system, usually within 10 minutes.  

Check out or blog on Breathwork practices for alleviating stress if you’d like to learn some more techniques!  


Moving our bodies is a great way to manage your energy and reground yourself. When you have a lot on your mind and need to find some space, moving your body certainly helps. The exercise itself helps distract your mind and allows you to be more present with the additional mood boost from the released endorphins. Bonus for getting outside while exercising and receiving the benefits of fresh air. 

Chat with a friend

This tip may not seem so obvious, however talking with a friend or family member can help you find some peace of mind. It feels good to have someone hear you out when you feel anxious or overwhelmed. By laughing, talking, and even crying together this can help ease your tension and alleviate your stress. 

Helping someone out is also a great way to help calm your state of mind. Helping others creates a sense of peace and purpose within us. 

How to relax your mind

Try hemp-infused products

When your mind is in overdrive, CBD is a great ingredient to help stabilize yourself. The properties of CBD are quite therapeutic and research suggests just how useful it is for those experiencing anxiety. 

We offer you an effective way to relax.

Try our Relax Gummies, which contain a mixture of plant based ingredients to help you find both physical and mental stress relief. 

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