PMS insomnia. What is happening to your sleep?

It can be annoying to struggle to fall asleep in the days before your period. Find out why this is and what you can do about it!
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PMS Insomnia: Why can’t you sleep so well during PMS?

Most nights you sleep soundly getting your ideal 7-10 hours of sleep, but like clockwork 2 to 3 days before your period you have intense insomnia, waking up every hour or two. It can be frustrating, you toss and turn for an hour until you fall back asleep, or you lie awake all night, finally falling asleep at 7am. 

Not to worry, PMS insomnia is common and normal. A National Sleep Foundation poll found that 33% of women say their sleep is disrupted during their menstrual cycles, and another 16% report missing one or more days of work in the past month due to sleep-related issues. 

What is going on?! According to Michael Breus PhD, “Each phase of the menstrual cycle has different effects on sleep”. Hormone levels of estrogen and progesterone rise and fall to regulate the menstrual cycle, and this rising and falling can affect a woman’s ability to fall asleep and stay asleep and can also influence the quality of sleep. 

So how does this all work? The menstrual cycle has two phases, one is the Follicular (Day 1 of your period to ovulation), the other is Luteal (after Ovulation). During the Follicular phase estrogen builds up until Ovulation, according to Breus, “Estrogen is almost like an energy supplement”. At Ovulation around Day 14 “Estrogen is suddenly kicked up another notch, and we see a tremendous number of sleep disturbances for women”. 

During the Luteal phase, after Ovulation, Progesterone rises, Kathryn Lee, RN, PhD, associate dean of research at the University of California, San Francisco School of Nursing calls this “the soporific hormone” – meaning that it can make you drowsy. A few days before the start of the period, Estrogen and Progesterone levels drop, and therefore many women have trouble sleeping. Lee says, “The thinking is women who have a more abrupt withdrawal of progesterone — or maybe had a higher amount and it fell faster — have insomnia,”. 

To combat these issues and to improve your overall health, Lee recommends doing the following: 

  • Exercise more: Exercise can help to promote deep sleep stages and encourage a restorative sleep where growth hormone necessary for cell repair and regeneration is secreted. 
  • Avoid Alcohol: During ovulation Progesterone is at its highest during the Luteal phase which can exacerbate the effects of alcohol (or any other kinds of depressant). Having a glass of wine in the evening may increase sleepiness but drinking alcohol at night can cause you to feel awake and have fragmented sleep. 
  • Keep a sleep diary: Keep a record of the quality of sleep. Every morning note on a calendar when you sleep poorly, have trouble falling asleep, or when you wake-up early, or have daytime sleepiness and fatigue. Doing this and cross checking your findings with a period tracker app will give insight into how your menstrual cycle is affecting your sleep.  

If you try the above and your PMS insomnia does not improve it might be time to speak to your doctor on what else to try.  

Now wouldn’t it be cool if there were vegan products that could help making PMS easier for you? Holief™ is here to help! We have a complete line of hemp-infused products so you feel empowered, every day of your cycle! 

Holief™ PMS Line: The Relief You Wanted 

Holief™ PMS is a product line built around pure and rich Hemp extract, to promote feminine wellbeing. The herbal mix you will find in this product line works to aid in relaxation and relieve pains related to menstrual cramps. 

Some of our special PMS products include: 

  • Holi-Cramp. Relaxing cream with olive oil, vitamin E, MCT oil and infused with Hemp extract. This topical product is formulated to bring relaxation and lasting relief to the lower part of the abdomen. It helps with discomfort associated with moderate menstrual cramps and is ideal for daily use. It is fragrance-free and easy to carry. Use as needed and enjoy the benefits of the purest natural Hemp extract.  


  • Holi-Cramp Plus This cream is recommended for strong menstrual cramps and can be used any time during the day. It helps to relax the lower part of your abdomen and brings relief for discomfort associated with menstrual cramps. It contains the same natural ingredients as Holi-Cramp, but It also adds menthol, for a more effective calming and relaxing effect.   


Our creams have a certified hypoallergenic base, are paraben free, and use no artificial coloring or scents. They are formulated with natural botanical oils to moisturize dry and sensitive skin 

If you don’t prefer creams, we’ve got you covered with PMS Gummies (delicious natural watermelon flavor) and Holi-Mood Oral Drops. Both products can help you improve your sleep and support emotional balance and relaxation during PMS. Take on your day with grace! 


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