PMS symptoms but no period. What is going on?

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pms symptoms but no period

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I have PMS but where is my period?

You know the feeling, headache, mood swings, cramping, bloating…you are having all the usual symptoms of PMS. You are prepared, got all your supplies, and know your period is coming soon.  Still, days go by, and your menstruation is MIA. You check your calendar or period tracking app and realize how many days have gone by since the estimated date for your menstruation to begin and you start to panic. What is wrong?! 

Don´t panic

Yes, easier said than done but trust us on this one. This is usually a normal situation that most women will go through at some point during their reproductive life. It is not an immediate cause for alarm, a sign of imminent pregnancy, or an indication of a serious condition. 

There are many causes for a missed or delayed period

Indeed, so many factors can alter the duration of your period that it is hard to pinpoint exactly one, and it is not useful to jump to conclusions that can stress you. Let’s look at just some of the reasons you might be having all the usual PMS signs but no bleeding.  

· Hormonal birth control

If you are taking hormonal birth controls such as contraceptive pills, the ring, the patch, the implant, or hormonal intrauterine device (IUD), your cycle can be disrupted. This might mean getting period symptoms without bleeding. 

· Stress

That exam coming up, a deadline at work, financial pressures, that fight with your crush, a disagreement with your family, even the anticipation of a vacation can spike the stress hormone called cortisol. Cortisol is a serious disruptor of your hormones and can really mess up your menstrual cycle.  And guess what, missing your period is exactly the kind of thing to make you even more stressed and disrupt your cycle more. A stress snowball! 

· Weight fluctuation and exercise excess

If you are working out very hard and have lost or gained a drastic amount of weight in a period of weeks, this could also be a cause for period disruption. Even if supervised by a doctor, the change in activity and weight can throw off your body balance and cause missed periods.

· PCOS or Polycystic Ovary Syndrome

This is a condition that affects 8-20% of menstruating women worldwide. It is caused by a hormone imbalance and can cause irregular ovulation, heavy periods, or absent periods. Many times, it is associated with pelvic pain, which can feel like period cramps but are not related to oncoming bleeding. Other symptoms of PCOS can be weight gain, acne, and facial hair. 

· Thyroid condition

The thyroid is a small gland in your neck that regulates different bodily functions, including your metabolism and menstrual cycle. When it gets out of whack, both things can be affected. If you see that your cycle has become consistently irregular it might be a good idea to get your thyroid function checked. 

· Endometriosis

Endometriosis is a condition where the tissue that normally lines your uterus starts growing outside of it. This can cause intense cramping that starts much earlier than your normal PMS cramps and last long after. This can make it very confusing to know if you really are having PMS or if it is endometriosis. 

· Pregnancy

It might be good news or something you are not looking for, but pregnancy has crossed your mind when your period goes missing. Yes, some PMS symptoms like breast tenderness and cramping can be a sign of pregnancy. If you think that due to your sex activity there is a probability of being pregnant, a drugstore pregnancy test can help clear those doubts. It is economical and can give you peace of mind (and lower that stress!). 

As you can see, there are several conditions that might alter your period. While skipping a period every now and then is usually not a cause for concern, if you see that menstrual disruptions are becoming more common, or if you skip more than three cycles in a row, it is always a good idea to discuss it with your doctor.  

You can help yourself feel better…hemp is on the way!

Now wouldn’t it be cool if there were vegan products that could help making PMS easier for you? Holief™ is here to help! We have a complete line of hemp-infused products so you feel empowered, every day of your cycle!  

Holief™ PMS Line: The Relief You Wanted

Holief™ PMS is a product line built around pure and rich Hemp extract, to promote feminine wellbeing. The herbal mix you will find in this product line works to aid in relaxation and relieve pains related to menstrual cramps.  

Some of our special PMS products include: 

  • Holi-Cramp. Relaxing cream with olive oil, vitamin E, MCT oil and infused with Hemp extract. This topical product is formulated to bring relaxation and lasting relief to the lower part of the abdomen. It helps with discomfort associated with moderate menstrual cramps and is ideal for daily use. It is fragrance-free and easy to carry. Use as needed and enjoy the benefits of the purest natural Hemp extract.  
  • Holi-Cramp Plus This cream is recommended for strong menstrual cramps and can be used any time during the day. It helps to relax the lower part of your abdomen and brings relief for discomfort associated with menstrual cramps. It contains the same natural ingredients as Holi-Cramp, but It also adds menthol, for a more effective calming and relaxing effect.   

Our creams have a certified hypoallergenic base, are paraben free, and use no artificial coloring or scents. They are formulated with natural botanical oils to moisturize dry and sensitive skin 

If you don’t prefer creams, we’ve got you covered with PMS Gummies (delicious natural watermelon flavor) and Holi-Mood Oral Drops. Both products can help you improve your sleep and support emotional balance and relaxation during PMS. Take on your day with grace! 


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