PMS vs Pregnancy Symptoms

A very popular search on the internet is “PMS vs Pregnancy Symptoms”...
pms vs pregnancy symptoms

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PMS vs Pregnancy Symptoms

A very popular search on the internet is “PMS vs Pregnancy Symptoms”. This is most likely because a lot of young women, when experiencing changes in their body, are wondering “could it be that I am pregnant?” Being unsure whether you are pregnant or not can be stressful for anyone. Whether you are trying to get pregnant or trying to not get pregnant, you want to know NOW!  

To complicate matters further, some of the symptoms of PMS are the same as those of early pregnancy, but not all of them and not the same for all women. Because PMS usually starts one or two weeks before your period, you can feel very uncertain of what the true cause of your symptoms is

Let’s go through a list of possible symptoms where PMS and early pregnancy overlap, to hopefully reduce your doubts: 


For some women the first sign of pregnancy could be light bleeding or spotting, usually dark brown or pink. This is because of the increase in progesterone in your body. It is a light flow though, not enough to fill a tampon or pad, and only lasts for a day or two. In contrast, if you are dealing with PMS, usually there is no flow of any kind until your period starts, and it is of much greater volume than with early pregnancy.  

Mood changes:

It is common to feel grouchy or not be in the mood to see people when you are having PMS. At times you may feel emotional or anxious and even cry. But these mood swings tend to go away as soon as your period starts. This is the main difference with pregnancy, where mood variations can last all the way to the end of your pregnancy.  


This is another one where pregnancy is more of a long haul. Due to progesterone, you may experience tiredness in both cases, but with PMS it clears up when your period starts. Also, if it’s PMS you may be having trouble sleeping, which contributes to fatigue. In case of pregnancy, making sure to get more rest and eat well is helpful.  


Perhaps more of a tell but not 100% for certain, nausea is not typical of PMS, but some digestive discomfort including nausea is possible. With pregnancy, morning sickness is a well-known sign that you are probably pregnant. It may come with vomiting as well, but not necessarily. And not all pregnant women get morning sickness. 

Breast pain:

Breast swelling, and tenderness can occur in the weeks leading up to your period, making this symptom part of PMS. Again, it clears when your period starts or shortly after, whereas in pregnancy you can expect breast soreness or tenderness to the touch to last for weeks after you conceive.  

Food preference changes:

With PMS you may find yourself craving chocolate, starchy foods, or salty rich foods. You also may want to eat more than usual. With pregnancy on the other hand, you may find yourself turned off by foods you used to like, and crave foods you usually didn’t like before. These changes last much longer with pregnancy, while with PMS they clear up quickly. 


Feared by many women, PMS cramps can be intense but short lived. They’re usually present 24 to 48 hours before your period starts, and fade after it does. With pregnancy cramps could occur, but usually mild and in your lower abdomen or lower back.  

As always, the best way to determine if you are pregnant or not is to take a pregnancy test. We recommend getting the test sooner rather than later if you are unsure.  

pms vs pregnancy symptoms

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