Inner Glow Duo

Elevate your well-being this holiday season with our exclusive Holief’s Inner Glow Duo.


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Holief's Inner Glow Duo

The Longevity Gummies, complemented by potent mushrooms such as Reishi and Lion’s Mane, not only offer cognitive benefits like improved mental clarity and memory but also contribute to overall brain function. The Immunity Tinctures powered with echinacea Extract, a renowned immune-boosting herb, fortifies your body’s ability to ward off infection and stay resilient. Give the gift of health and joy with this bundle, a thoughtful gesture for yourself or a loved one. Embrace the festive spirit and make this holiday season brighter and healthier.
Holief's Inner Glow Duo


Longevity Gummies


Supports various aspects of the aging process, promoting overall vitality.  


Supports cardiovascular health, liver function, and detoxification.  

 Turkey Tail, Reishi, and Lion’s Mane 

 A dynamic blend offering clinically proven benefits for cognitive function, immunity support, and stress relief, promoting longevity. 


Immunity Tictures

Echinacea Extract 

Renowned immune-boosting herb fortifying the body’s ability to ward off infection.  

Elderberry Extract 

Rich in antioxidants, supporting the immune system’s defense against common illnesses.  


Powerful adaptogenic mushroom with immune-modulating properties, regulating immune function. 

Plant-Powered Benefits

Holief's Inner Glow Duo


Longevity Gummies

1. Enjoy the path to longevity by taking 2 gummies daily.

2. Chew thoroughly before swallowing.

Immunity Tictures

1. Shake well before using.

2. Take 2 full droppers (2ml) 1 to twice daily to unleash the full power of immune support.


Most frequent questions and answers
For optimal results, it is recommended to consume one gummy daily. Adjust as needed based on personal preferences and health goals.
Yes, our Longevity Gummies are suitable for vegetarians.
Individual responses may vary. Consistent use over time is recommended for maximum effectiveness.
Yes, our Immunity Tinctures are vegetarian friendly.


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