Sleep benefits

Sleep benefits

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The power of sleep benefits

It is rather universally known at this day in age that sleep is extremely beneficial to our health and lack of sleep has adverse effects on our general wellbeing. A good night’s rest is not just measured by the hours you are asleep but also how deeply you are able to stay asleep throughout the night. Factors that are included in a restful night’s sleep are a good resting heart rate and falling asleep at a good hour. Sometimes when you go to bed, the mind stays active, stopping you from getting a proper sleep, to wake up with better energy to start the day.

Sleep benefits

Improve concentration

Adequate sleep is essential for optimal brain function. It improves concentration, productivity, memory retention, and problem-solving abilities. It also helps in processing and consolidating information obtained during wakefulness.

Regulate metabolism

Lack of sleep has been associated with an increased risk of weight gain and obesity. Sleep influences hormones that regulate hunger and appetite, such as ghrelin and leptin. Poor sleep can disrupt these hormones, leading to overeating and weight gain.

Healthy immune system

During sleep, the immune system releases proteins called cytokines, which help in fighting infections and inflammation. Sufficient sleep boosts the immune system’s effectiveness, reducing the likelihood of falling ill and promoting faster recovery when sick.

Reduces stress levels

Quality sleep can help reduce stress and improve the body’s ability to cope with challenging situations. Conversely, lack of sleep can exacerbate feelings of stress and make it more difficult to manage stressors effectively.

Why sleep is more valuable than rest

During sleep you release hormones that help to regulate your appetite and metabolism. Sleeping also optimizes your immune and endocrine system. In order for these benefits to occur the body must be asleep, therefore not possible when you are just resting. The cognitive boost you get from a good night’s rest is substantial for your health.

Here are 4 ways to get a high quality deep sleep that will lead you feeling like your best self the following day.

Having an evening ritual.

Do not eat or exercise within 1-2 hours of going to sleep.

Keep room at a cool temperature.

Try CBD gummies.

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