What teas can help with PMS?

There are several types of discomfort that you can experience during PMS. Find out if tea can help you and which ones you should be drinking!
What teas can help with PMS?

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What teas can help with PMS?

What teas can help with PMS?

Having your period and experiencing PMS can be painful and uncomfortable. Many women experience a range of symptoms such as cramps, back pain, headaches, bloating, acne, nausea, and general lethargy. While there are treatments and medications for each individual symptom, there is also a simple, inexpensive, and natural, option that can help ease specific symptoms, and offer some ease to the general discomfort of PMS: tea. Time to get the kettle boiling, it’s teatime!  

Here are some teas that can help target specific symptoms, these can all be consumed not only during your period to relieve symptoms but can also be enjoyed anytime to give your body a boost!  

Green Tea for Acne, Inflammation, and Pain

There are so many benefits from drinking green tea which can promote overall health and well- being. Specifically, green tea is great for its antioxidant property EGCG—Epigallocatechin Gallate— a powerful anti-inflammatory that can help to quell hormonal breakouts and clear the skin. Green tea is also a natural diuretic and can help decrease water retention which can aid bloating. It also has powerful catechins that increase blood flow to ease pain.  

Ginger Tea for Cramps 

Ginger is proven to relieve inflammation and pain, with some studies showing it can be just as powerful as ibuprofen, not only in aiding pain but also relieving nausea and upset stomach. This makes ginger an ideal remedy for menstrual cramping. Ginger teas are widely available, but you can also make your own at home by adding a fresh piece of ginger root to hot water and letting it soak for 5-10 minutes, you can add honey for sweetness and you’re on your way to relief from cramps, nausea, and stomach discomfort.  There have been studies that have shown ginger to decrease pain from PMS cramps as well as shorten the length of time the pain lasts.  

Peppermint Tea to ease bloating 

Menthol is the active ingredient in peppermint tea which gives it a minty fresh taste that with one sip can clear the mind and bring focus. It also has antimicrobial and antiviral properties that help in aiding digestion, bloating, headaches, and even migraines. In addition, peppermint tea can help ease sore muscles, relieve tension, and bring overall calm and clarity.  

Raspberry Leaf Tea to lighten your flow 

A less commonly known tea, Raspberry Leaf Tea is simply the leaves of red raspberries steeped in water. Raspberry leaf contains an alkaloid called “Fragine,” that can strengthen muscle fibers in the pelvic region and stabilize hormones. This can result in a more balanced menstrual flow, relieving of cramps and the associated symptoms such as back pain and nausea. It can also help strengthen the womb and prevent excessive bleeding.  

So, whatever is ailing you with your period, before reaching for the medicine cabinet, try opening the tea drawer to use what nature has already provided to help soothe your PMS symptoms. You may even want to try drinking more tea throughout your cycle, so when your period comes, your body will be ready to help you go through it with ease. 

You can help yourself feel better…hemp is on the way!

Now wouldn’t it be cool if there were vegan products that could help making PMS easier for you? Holief™ is here to help! We have a complete line of hemp-infused products so you feel empowered, every day of your cycle!  

Holief™ PMS Line: The Relief You Wanted

Holief™ PMS is a product line built around pure and rich Hemp extract, to promote feminine wellbeing. The herbal mix you will find in this product line works to aid in relaxation and relieve pains related to menstrual cramps.  

Some of our special PMS products include: 

  • Holi-Cramp. Relaxing cream with olive oil, vitamin E, MCT oil and infused with Hemp extract. This topical product is formulated to bring relaxation and lasting relief to the lower part of the abdomen. It helps with discomfort associated with moderate menstrual cramps and is ideal for daily use. It is fragrance-free and easy to carry. Use as needed and enjoy the benefits of the purest natural Hemp extract.  
  • Holi-Cramp Plus This cream is recommended for strong menstrual cramps and can be used any time during the day. It helps to relax the lower part of your abdomen and brings relief for discomfort associated with menstrual cramps. It contains the same natural ingredients as Holi-Cramp, but It also adds menthol, for a more effective calming and relaxing effect.   

Our creams have a certified hypoallergenic base, are paraben free, and use no artificial coloring or scents. They are formulated with natural botanical oils to moisturize dry and sensitive skin 

If you don’t prefer creams, we’ve got you covered with PMS Gummies (delicious natural watermelon flavor) and Holi-Mood Oral Drops. Both products can help you improve your sleep and support emotional balance and relaxation during PMS. Take on your day with grace! 

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PMS Gummies Watermelon

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Holi-Mood Oral Drops

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