Working with the Moon Cycle and your Moon Days

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Working with the moon cycle

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Working with the Moon Cycle and your Moon Days

Have you noticed that your energy ebbs and flows throughout the month? Have you found that for a few days or even a week you will have heightened productivity and creativity, but on other days you simply require rest? Our society and the ever prevalent hustle culture put hyper-productivity on a pedestal. But what if productivity came more effortlessly when you tune in to your body? The cycles of the moon are an excellent way better understand our personal waves of energy, and provide a guiding light on how to honor the cycles of our bodies as women.

Common in the astrological world is the understanding that the sun represents the masculine energy and the moon represents the feminine. As if by design, the moon completes its orbit around the Earth every 29.5 days, and the average menstrual cycle is 28-29 days long. Understanding the moon phases, and the stages of our cycles can give us insight into how to ride the waves of energy we experience and to know when to rest. Here is a breakdown of the moon cycles, and the stages of the menstrual cycle. To get familiar with these phases and better plan your workflow each month, we suggested journaling about your experience!


Working with the moon cycle

New Moon

The new moon is all about fresh starts, setting new intentions and new goals, and honing in our visualization practices. New Moons provide a boost of momentum and energy to get to work on bringing our dreams to reality.

Waxing mood

Riding off the energy of the New Moon, the Waxing Moon phase is the perfect time to become laser-focused on goals and take aligned action. This phase provides hope for our pursuits and often insights on how to make things happen and the clarity we need to move forward without resistance.

Full moon

After a period of productivity, the Full Moon asks us to pause and reflect. We can’t be proactive without taking the time to stop and reassess what’s working and what isn’t. The Full Moon is a time for rest and to release what no longer serves you. This is the perfect time to take stock of your self-care rituals and where you are on your healing journey. The full moon illuminates what is no longer working so it can be released, and we can move forward more effortlessly when the time for action comes back around.

Waning mood

After a big release, we often need to take the time to let the dust settle. The Waning Moon asks us to use our time of rest to focus on the progress we’ve made, reflect and be proud of our work. Allow yourself to regenerate during this time to prepare for the momentum of the New Moon.



The first day of menstruation represents the first day of your cycle, and lasts for two to seven days. With your hormones at their lowest to encourage the shedding of the uterine lining, energy levels will also be low. Especially if you experience cramps or dysmenorrhea, this is a time for self-care, rest, and release. Similar to the Full and Waning Moon cycles, put a pause on projects and look within. What do you need to release that is no longer serving you? How can you create more space for yourself to just be?


This stage of your cycle begins with menstruation and ends approximately 14 days later with ovulation. At this point, your ovaries are in the process of producing a mature egg to prepare for ovulation. As your estrogen levels begin to rise, you will find your mood and energy levels experience a boost as well. This is a good time to begin preparing the way for new projects and ideas, and to create structure for great workflow when your energy levels reach their peak. This phase reflects the energy of the New Moon. When our energy starts to rise we can ride the wave, setting up systems to enable our most productive self when our energy is at its peak.


Occurring around Day 14 of your cycle, this is when the egg is released and travels down the fallopian tubes to the uterus. You may find with your estrogen levels peaking, that you feel your most motivated and productive at this point. Use this energy to accomplish tasks and get creative. Like the New Moon and Waxing Moon, this is an excellent time for aligned action and to make progress towards goals without resistance.


This phase begins with ovulation and lasts for 14 days. Progesterone levels peak during this time, falling towards the end of the cycle if the egg isn’t fertilized. You may feel your energy levels wane during this time. As your body begins to prepare for another cycle of menstruation, this is a time to align with the energy of the Full and Waning Moon. Where have some of your self-care practices fallen short during your time of productivity? Are you getting enough exercise, rest, and eating properly? Take stock of your day-to-day routines and see what needs a little extra attention.

Your cycle may or may not line up with the stages of the moon, but the energy is still there to support us. The beauty of working with the energy of the moon and our cycles, is that it gives us permission to rest when we need to and allows us to establish a healthy balance of productivity and time for self. We will always be more empowered to show up as our best selves when we come from a balanced place. There are a lot of great journals that allow you to track your cycle and energy levels alongside the moon cycles. Give it a try and let us know what insights you find!

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