Holi-Cramp Plus Menstrual Relief Cream with Menthol

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Elevate your cramp relief with a cooling blend of Hemp Extract, Menthol, and nourishing botanicals for targeted comfort during menstruation.


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Cooling Comfort Redefined

Crafted with precision, this cream features the dynamic duo of Hemp Extract and Menthol as they work in harmony to provide targeted relief. Menthol adds a refreshing, cooling sensation, complementing the anti-inflammatory properties of Hemp Extract for a heightened sense of comfort during menstruation. Immerse yourself in cooling relief while promoting overall well-being.


Hemp Extract (CBD)

It has shown to have antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties that may assist in easing symptoms related to dysmenorrhea or painful period cramps.


It provides a powerful, targeted cooling sensation and muscle relaxation for rapid relief from cramps.

Vitamin E, MCT oil and Olive oil

They are deeply penetrating, safe and nourishing for sensitive skin.

Plant-Powered Benefits


1. Apply a generous amount to the lower abdomen and massage gently.

2. Feel the cooling effect as Menthol and the soothing blend of ingredients ease discomfort.

3. Use as needed during your menstrual cycle.


Most frequent questions and answers
Certainly! While formulated for menstrual relief, the cooling properties make it suitable for soothing various muscle discomforts.
Yes, the cream is designed with gentle ingredients. Apply only externally, if irritation occurs, discontinue use and consult with a healthcare professional.
The cooling effect varies among individuals but generally provides a refreshing sensation for an extended period after application.
Yes, Holi-Cramp Plus can be applied before activities for added comfort. Adjust the amount based on personal preference.

8 reviews for Holi-Cramp Plus Menstrual Relief Cream with Menthol

  1. Griselle c.

    AMÉ esta crema! Te quita los dolores en minutos. Un must have para quienes padecen de dolores leves ò fuertes #cannamomaproved

  2. Maura C.

    Perfect and easy to use Love it!
    This is really amazing, just with some soft massage and a little bit of it, and you are good to go! No pain at all . Totally recommended

  3. Kenia A.

    PMS cramps under control!
    A week before my period starts cramp pain shows up, as soon as I feel it, I apply the Holi Cramp cream around my abdomen area and the relief is almost immediate.

  4. Carolina f.

    Muy buen producto
    Excelente, me la aplico y el dolor desaparece, me encanta

  5.  Peni

    Bye PMS
    Loooved this cream, I suffer from a lot of pain and bloating during my pms and this helped soooo much.

  6. Cristimar

    Its a must have for those days of the month. I recommend it 100%. Everyone is my family uses it

  7. Camille D.

    A girls best friend
    This truly is an amazing product . It smells really good and the menthol feels amazing. Great for pain management while training, sleep or any activity.

  8. Maria F.

    Loved It
    I have really painful cramps during my period, and using this cream helped me to manage the pain immediately after applying it. I recommend it 100%.

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