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Exercise and leading an active lifestyle help boost your mood, relieve stress, and contribute to a stronger body and mind.

Studies suggest less than 

1 %

meet the basic qualifications for a healthy lifestyle.

Our bodies function as a whole, and our wellness regimen should reflect that. At Holief™ we believe in taking a proactive approach to health. Taking care of ourselves is so much more than simply reacting to symptoms, but rather listening to our body and mind and giving them what they need to thrive.


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Your questions answered

Hemp extract has shown to have a broad pharmacological profile, including interactions with several receptors in the body that are known to regulate behaviors related to fear and anxiety. The natural calming effect produced by hemp extract and other oils in our formulation stabilizes your mood and promotes relaxation.  

Hemp extract isolate is one of the multiple beneficial cannabinoids that is present in the hemp plant. It boosts the immune and central nervous system diminishing infections, anxiety, and mood swings. It regulates hormones that help improve bone density, eases hot flashes, and balances hormones during menopause. Its usage has also shown a significant reduction in cases of breast cancer and autoimmune conditions.


In addition to the above health benefits, hemp extracted oil is also ideal for skin health. It is one of the best products for smooth hair and to soothe dry & sensitive skin. It also has analgesic and pain-relieving properties. Hemp extract has shown to soothe aching joints and pain.

Addiction is generally defined as the use of a substance in a compulsive manner that often continues despite it presenting harmful consequences. Substances that lead to addiction tend to affect the pleasure center of the brain, such that the person develops the need to consume it. Because they interact with the brain in such way, this means that they are psychoactive substances.

All our products are THC-free, which means that the hemp extract used in Holief does not cause any psychoactive effects. Moreover, studies have shown that hemp extract isolate does not present any indication of having abuse or dependence potential.

In conclusion, there is very little risk of becoming addicted to the THC-free hemp extract contained in Holief products.

According to Harvard Health, hemp extract may cause drowsiness, lightheadedness, nausea, diarrhea or dry mouth. However, these secondary effects can appear after very high doses of hemp extract. Studies in humans have shown that oral intake of up to 160 mg of hemp extract did not produce any undesired or adverse secondary effects. Other studies have shown that in doses of up to 600 mg, hemp extract does not interfere with many psychomotor and physiological functions in the body, such as heart rate, blood pressure, or performance in learning tests. In contrast, our edibles contain maximum 50 mg of hemp extract per gummy.

Up until this moment, studies have shown that consuming hemp extract daily is safe as it does not seem to produce any toxicity or serious side effects. For example, one study has shown that the daily oral administration of 300 mg of hemp extract for up to 135 days was well tolerated by participants of the study, and no serious adverse effects were detected on neurological or physical examinations.

No. All our products are cruelty-free, meaning that none of them are tested on animals

Up until now, there are not many studies related to the safety of consuming hemp extract during pregnancy. In this sense, and to stay safe, we recommend consulting with your physician before consuming Holief products if you are pregnant.

With the passing of the 2018 Farm Bill, the cultivation of hemp plants became federally legal. Hemp extract does not produce a high and is, considered to be, safe and well-tolerated. Because of this, you do not need a prescription to access hemp extract products.

Hemp extract contains multiple compounds including Phytocannabinoids, terpenes, flavonoids, etc. These different substances act together synergistically to produce the beneficial effects observed when you use products with hemp extract. This synergistic action is called the Entourage Effect.

Most of the ingredients used in our products are of natural origin. Some of them, melatonin or Vitamin E are produced synthetically, always keeping the highest production standards to ensure your safety. Our products are paraben-free, silicon-free and do not derive from petrochemicals.

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