Ease Gummies 3-Pack

Discover the delightful and convenient path to self-care with our Ashwagandha gummies for enhanced focus, memory, sleep, and energy.

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With an advanced formula featuring Ashwagandha Root, these mango-flavored vegan gummies are not only delicious but also offer additional benefits for focus, memory, sleep, and energy. Enhanced with KSM-66, a highly bioavailable, full-spectrum root extract, our gummies are easy to incorporate into your daily routine. Packed with potent benefits, our Ease Gummies may contribute to improved sleep, reduced stress, a balanced immune system, enhanced sports performance, a healthy mood, and cognitive health.



It is associated with increased muscle mass, recovery, strength and mobility.

Evening Primrose Oil

 Nature’s secret for hormonal balance, enhancing the overall calming effect.

Hemp Extracts (CBD, CBG, CBN)

A trinity of cannabinoids working in harmony to unwind stress and promote a sense of tranquility.

Other ingredients: Vitamin E TPGS, Sunflower oil.

Plant-Powered Benefits


1. Take 1 gummy daily.

2. Consistent use is recommended for optimal benefits.

3. Adjust dosage as needed, respecting your body’s unique response.


· Each pack includes 1 complimentary Holief NIGHT Gummy


Most frequent questions and answers
Our Ease Gummies have Ashwagandha Root, which is associated with significant increase in muscle mass and strength, and often suggested as a supplement for resistance training programs.
Currently there have been no reports of adverse effects when combining another gym supplement like protein powder.
Our Ease Gummies contain sugar and corn syrup, both of which are not recommended for diabetic people. A safe alternative is our Wellness Caps.
Absolutely! Ease Gummies are designed for daily tranquility. Incorporate them into your routine for sustained calm.


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