Holi Sleep Oral Drops

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Get your dream sleep, no matter what the time of the month.


Holi Sleep Oral Drops leverage the powerful duo of Hemp Extract and melatonin to promote deeper, uninterrupted sleep. Whether it’s period discomfort or stress that’s keeping you up, this blend with botanical ingredient can help.

Giving your body a boost of Melatonin helps synchronize your circadian rhythm, helping you fall asleep faster and stay asleep longer. Hemp works to balance cortisol levels in the body, reducing your stress response and providing a deeper sense of calm throughout the nervous system.

Our Drops are bolstered by vitamin E, evening primrose oil, and fresh peppermint for additional relief, relaxation benefits and to support your overall sense of well-being. Tonight’s sleep leads to a more empowered tomorrow, take an active approach to sleep with Holi Sleep Oral Drops.

Hemp extract has a wide variety of benefits, among these tackling Cortisol (the stress hormone), and aiding in sleep regulation.

Melatonin synchronizes the circadian rhythm and improves the initiation, duration, and quality of sleep.

Paired with calming peppermint oil, these drops were formulated specifically to support a deeper sleep.

Holief™ Drops were designed to be the perfect addition to your nightly routine. Add a dropper-full to your evening tea, or simply under your tongue, and enjoy the benefits of high-quality Hemp Extract.
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3 reviews for Holi Sleep Oral Drops

  1. Camille D.

    Love this product
    Sleeping amazingly well since the first day I’ve been using these drops! Great for insomnia and regulating sleep patterns.

  2. Andrea D.

    These drops are amazing!
    They really helped me to rest before sleep at night. I had the opportunity to reach a deep sleep and woke up very active and ready for a new day. I f you have sleeping problems, these drops will certainly help you sleep better.

  3. Maria N.

    Great product
    I used the drops and they worked very well I had a good night of sleep and rest, the best part is that I woke up next day feeling active.

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Most frequent questions and answers
The main difference lies in the way that they are consumed. Tinctures can be taken sublingually, while gummies can only be consumed orally and digested. This affects the way that each of the products’ ingredients are absorbed in the body. When something is taken orally, it must go through “first pass metabolism”, where the liver processes or breaks-down the composition of the ingredients. This causes the bioavailability of the components in the bloodstream to decrease and have lower potency. Sublingual administration allows tinctures to bypass this first pass metabolism. Additionally, the region under the tongue is richer in blood vessels than the GI tract. This allows tinctures to be absorbed directly and take effect more quickly.
You can add a dropperful of Holi-Sleep to a beverage of your choosing, like a relaxing tea before going to sleep. If you prefer for a faster effect, you can add a dropperful of the oral drops beneath your tongue before laying down to sleep. We recommend not taking more than three full drops.
For the drops to take effect they have to absorbed by your body, and everybody is different. We recommend waiting between 30 to 40 minutes after taking a full drop. If by that time you feel no effect, you can consider taking another.
The base for our tinctures is Medium Chain Triglyceride (MCT) oil, which is obtained from coconut oil. If you are allergic to coconut, these tinctures may not be right for you.

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