Wellness Gummies Assorted Flavors

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Find a strong foundation for overall wellness.


Tasty and innovative, our plant-powered chews are your everyday dose of the highest quality hemp extract. Leverage the benefits of hemp to support the body’s natural resistance to stress. Stress relief provides overall body wellness by supporting natural regenerative and restoration processes imperative to the immune system, muscle, and neuro-function. Enjoy five natural fruit flavors: mango, mixed berry, lemon lime, green apple, and watermelon.

Contains 30 assorted fruit gummies.

Wellness Gummies Assorted Flavors

Hemp Extract (CBD), Water, Corn Syrup, Sugar, Pectin, Citric Acid, Natural Flavors, Sunflower oil, Corn Starch, Natural Colors.

Natural Hemp Extract help relieve symptoms of stress, fatigue, and anxiety, offering a foundation for overall wellness.

Holief™ Gummies were designed to be the perfect addition to your everyday supplement routine, for a once-a-day dose of the highest quality Hemp Extract.
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5 reviews for Wellness Gummies Assorted Flavors

  1. cannamamipr

    Enamorada de la linea Holief
    Gummies riquisimos y su efecto on point y duradero. Para el diaro y batallar el estres, tension, mal humor, ansiedad y inflamacion leve 10/10.

  2. Cristimar

    Excellent gummies
    Su sabor es suave y dulce. El efecto esta super rico, sientes como baja la tensión en tu cuerpo. 100%.

  3. Cristimar

    Uno de mis favoritos CBD gummies
    Tuve la oportunidad de probarlos y quede enamorada. Su sabor es suave y dulce. El efecto esta on point esos 25mg se sienten de maravillas y como tu cuerpo le baja la tensión. Definitivamente tienen que probarlos.

  4. Camille D.

    Yummy Gummies
    Love these gummies! Great for keeping you balanced and healthy . They help regulate stress levels so you can feel amazing all day long.

  5. @cannabicnurse

    A delicious way to consume your daily dose of CBD
    The taste of hemp is barely perceptible. The texture and flavor are perfect for a palate as demanding as mine.

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Most frequent questions and answers
One or two daily gummies should be enough to experience the desired benefits. We recommend not taking more than 4 gummies per day.
Drug tests usually screen for a metabolite related to the main psychoactive component of cannabis. Our Wellness Gummies are THC-free, so they will not trigger a positive drug test.
Our Wellness Gummies contain sugar and corn syrup, both of which are not recommended for diabetic people. A safe alternative that allows you to still benefit from CBD is our Wellness Drops, which are sweetened with stevia extract.
Depending on the medication, CBD can compete with the enzymes that process medication in the liver, and thus can interfere with metabolization. This can lead to the medication not working as effectively and may increase the risk of side effects. To stay safe, we recommend consulting with your doctor or pharmacist if you are taking medications.