Vitality Wellness Strawberry Tincture

Elevate your vitality and fortify your immune system with our blend featuring NR, Rhodiola Rosea, Chaga, CoQ10, Turkey Tail, and Vitamin B9 & B12. Boost stamina, resilience, and overall well-being with this meticulously crafted tincture.


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Revitalize Your Essence

Potent blend designed to fortify your immune system, boost stamina, resilience, and promote overall well-being. At its core lies NR, a precursor to NAD+—a coenzyme vital for cellular energy production, contributing to healthy aging and overall vitality. This expertly formulated tincture combines the powerhouse properties of Rhodiola Rosea for stress reduction, Chaga for energy-boosting stamina and mental clarity, CoQ10 for cellular energy production, Turkey Tail for potent immune system enhancement, and Vitamin B9 & B12 for cellular health and DNA repair.


(Nicotinamide Riboside): A precursor to NAD+, supporting energy levels, mitochondrial function, and healthy aging.

Rhodiola Rosea
An adaptogen known for stress-reducing and mood-balancing properties.

A powerful adaptogenic mushroom renowned for energy-boosting stamina and mental clarity.

Vital nutrient essential for cellular energy production, supporting stamina, heart health, and stress reduction.

Turkey Tail
Potent immune system enhancer, rich in antioxidants fortifying your body’s natural defenses.

Vitamin B9 & B12
Support cellular health, nerve function, energy levels, and DNA repair.

Plant-Powered Benefits


1.  Shake well before using.  

2. Take 2 full droppers (2ml) 1 to twice daily to unlock the full potential of dynamic vitality. 



Most frequent questions and answers
While our tincture is designed to complement a balanced lifestyle, it’s advisable to consult with a healthcare professional for personalized advice on supplement compatibility.
Individual responses may vary, but many users experience positive effects within a few weeks of consistent use.
The ingredients are generally well-tolerated, but it’s advisable to consult with a healthcare professional if you have specific concerns or conditions.
Absolutely! Our Vitality Tinctures are vegetarian friendly.


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