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Many plant-based and natural products have been researched for their potential in relieving pain caused by menstrual cramps. Menthol, Trolamine and hemp extract have all been found to have analgesic and anti-inflammatory properties. Hemp extract is also rich in certain other compounds that have shown to have discomfort relieving elements. Menthol has shown in studies to relieve dysmenorrhea. Our topical creams provide targeted and effective relief. 


Hemp extract has shown to soothe and manage the emotional symptoms associated with PMS. Studies also suggest it has sleep regulating and mood-stabilizing effects. Consistently shown is the reduction of symptoms associated with anxiety. Evidence shows hemp extract can have a calming effect on the central nervous system, keeping the mind and body balanced and providing both physical and emotional relief. Hemp is safe for everyday use and benefits your overall wellness during your cycle. 

Hemp extract has been shown to have anxiolytic effects, meaning that it can present a calming effect on the nervous system. Additional studies have also shown that hemp extract may have sleep promoting effects, increasing REM sleep, onset, and total sleep. 

Menthol acts as a topical analgesic by interacting with the network of nerves present within the skin and by activating central analgesic pathways. This ingredient additionally stimulates cold receptors in our skin, generating a perception of cold, which is why it provides a refreshing sensation when applied. Menthol is also a vasodilator and may act as vasorelaxant, which means that it decreases arterial blood flow. All these effects combine to provide relief from discomfort related to muscular and joint pain.  

Hemp extract has shown to have a broad pharmacological profile, including interactions with several receptors in the body that are known to regulate behaviors related to fear and anxiety. The natural calming effect produced by hemp extract and other oils in our formulation stabilizes your mood and promotes relaxation.   

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